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The thing about using cheap stuffs is that, the users are pushed to be more creative in many ways.
Cheap stuffs often have a bad quality, bad quality equals to problems. And problems are need to be solved. And the solution are not always permanent. It could be temporary. Until the final solution could be made, which is either improvise or just get rid of it.

- Mohammad Ikman
Perasan arkitek, rupa ala-ala Al Pacino, dan refuse untuk pakai tali leher di majlis rasmi.

Teaser : I'm not sure what sort of hell that I rock right now


Screenshot | 5.30 pm | April 15 2011

Inception. How beautiful to be in it. Is it even possible?
To be able creating and producing within the same time frame.
Being in the middle of the process. What a wish.

Off topic.
Daft Punk rock it hard in the movie Tron.

Daft Punk - Derezzed (Breakdown Remix)

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